Barefoot Friends Episode 1

Barefoot Friends 맨발의 친구들

I started watching a new Korean variety show called “맨발의 친구들/Barefoot Friends” and I’m really loving it! I actually LOLed a lot. I mean literally, I laughed out loud with sound, which was surprising even to myself because I usually have a silent laugh…only my facial expression changes but I heard myself and I was like, “Is that me laughing? OMG.”

Yesterday, (only an hour ago…. I always end up writing a blog post right when it passes midnight so it’s the next day and I have to go into past tense ._. LOL ugh) was Brooklyn Queens Day. I had no school and was home all day being lazy and doing nothing. I woke up and watched my Wednesday-Thursday drama, “남자가 사랑할때/Man In Love” and it ended up being the last episode. I didn’t even know it was the last episode although I sort of sensed it throughout the middle since things were happening so quickly and all the conflicts were being solved one by one. Aw, it was a nice happy ending although the ending wasn’t very satisfying for me. I’ll miss that drama! So then after that drama ended, I got bored again so I looked for something to watch. I saw a commercial for this show while watching Running Man the previous week and I saw it was like “패밀리가 떴다/Family Outing.” I really loved “Family Outing” especially when DBSK came out as guests! Ahhh love love love. It looked similar to that show, with a group of people traveling together, working and playing fun games like a fam and plus there was Kim HyunJoong!! I lavh him!!!♥ I would watch it just for him because his 4D personality is already entertaining enough even if the show were to be boring and he’s so cute omg so I was always interested in watching this show. Also, there was Yoon ShiYoon, Eunhyuk (Junsu’s biffle), Kang HoDong, Hyori, and more. I didn’t know what the title of the show was though so I didn’t start watching earlier…or else maybe I would have already been watching. I searched it up today and found it was called “Barefoot Friends!” I know..I was like, “Whatthe, what kind of title is that?” hahaha but it’s cute I guess. It’s a new show that only started less than 2 months ago so there’s only a few episodes out so far.

I actually watched the latest episode first, Ep. 7, because that was the first one I found. I was confused because I didn’t really know what was going on, but it was funny and got funnier as it progressed. I liked it so I went over to download episode 1 so I can watch from the beginning and it was so much fun! In episode 1 they introduce everyone and you get to know about what the show is about so it’s good to start watching from the beginning. I’m already downloading episode 2 right now! :) Btw, it has great ratings on Dramafever too so it’s gaining a positive response.

I think I’ll start doing episode reviews. I was too lazy for that before although I thought about it, but I feel like writing now because I like taking screencaps here and there so why not a little recap too? It won’t be as thorough as Dramabeans’ kind of reviews but little short recaps of the highlight moments. I’m HyunJoong bias though so a lot of my screencaps will be HyunJoong though. EHEHE~

Barefoot Friends 1-1

The show starts with introductions. There are 8 main members of this show; Kang HoDong, Yoon JongShin, Kim BumSoo, Kim HyungJoong, Eunhyuk, Yoon ShiYoon, Yoon SeYoon, and UEE. ^^

Barefoot Friends 1-2

Barefoot Friends 1-3

HyunJoong entering Incheon Airport. So beautiful, so 잘생겼어!! 이뻐이뻥~♥

Barefoot Friends 1-4

All the members gather up at the airport to go to VIETNAM! Before leaving they spend some time choosing their group. They had each picked two people they wanted to partner with but in the end, Yoon JongShin just picked three people for his group and the other 4 made up the other group.

Barefoot Friends 1-5

Hyungjoong got the most votes from the other members for the person you want to partner with so HyunJoong tells him to go to his right spot on line hence the exclamation. Hahhaha

Barefoot Friends 1-6


Barefoot Friends 1-7

They arrive in Vietnam and the two groups split ways. Kang HoDong’s group is taking the bus to their destination.

Barefoot Friends 1-8

Meanwhile, Yoon JongShin’s group is already at the hotel and Yoon JongShin had already gone out to the street markets and come back with something….

Barefoot Friends 1-9

A surprise birthday cake for Eunhyukkie! AWWWwww I thought that was so sweet. The cake was made out of some breads he found and he stuck a scent stick in the middle. It is not a candle. LOOLOL a scent stick — that is so thoughtful!

Barefoot Friends 1-10

Kang HoDong’s group arrives at their hotel too. Looks really exotic!

Barefoot Friends 1-11

They unpack and study some basic Vietnamese words and phrases. Kim BumSoo comments how HoDong is pretty good but that he’ll probably forget by tomorrow. HoDong replies, “Yeahhh, the other group is better at languages than us because there’s Yoon ShiYoon. He’ll probably be staying up late memorizing everything perfectly.”

Barefoot Friends 1-12

Sure enough, HoDong was right. Yoon ShiYoon is up studying while the other 3 are already sound asleep. Wow, he’s so diligent.

Barefoot Friends 1-13

Only getting two hours of sleep, the PDs come to wake them up at like 4am. They get up crankily but luckily they were given a few more hours to sleep in the car. They are told to wear these pig eye masks though. Hahahahha all of them look so cute, HyunJoong esp, and HoDong really matches well with it.

Barefoot Friends 1-14

When they wake up, they’re at Red Sand. They are told to get out of the car still wearing the masks so they cannot see where they are yet. They walk together hand in hand. 좋겠다. 현중이 손도 잡고ㅠㅠㅠ

Barefoot Friends 1-15

Finally they are given permission to remove their masks. WHERE ARE WE? o_o desert? They watch the beautiful sunrise here. Then the PD tells them their mission. They have to live like a regular Vietnamese person for 24 hours. They have to work and make their own money to buy food for themselves.

Barefoot Friends 1-16

Barefoot Friends 1-17

Their job is to go out to sea, catch crabs, and sell them to make money.

Barefoot Friends 1-18

The other group is out on a different part of Vietnam. They are given a lift on the motorcycle to get to their work place.

Barefoot Friends 1-19

The infamous motorcycle fleet on the streets of Vietnam

Barefoot Friends 1-20

Their job seems to be harder than the other group’s to me. They have to work as drivers for these cycles and it’s also very hard to get customers. Each round is 30 minutes long of pedaling so it’s very tiring as well and it only earns them around $3 after paying the owner of these cycles some percentage. Yoon ShiYoon and Eunhyuk are able to get customers pretty quickly because they are noticed by some fan girls there and also I thought Yoon ShiYoon was pretty good at talking despite his limited English for recruiting those two foreigners. They are a couple from Austrailia. On the other hand, Yoon SeYoon and Yoon JongShin aren’t able to get customers even though they tried.

Barefoot Friends 1-21

Yoon ShiYoon finishes his jobs successfully and arrives back at square one first. Eunhyuk was still not back even though they left at the same time. Eunhyuk had gotten lost (that itself is funny) but his small talk with his customer was hilarious too. He said, “I’m sorry I think I lost your boyfriend…Don’t worry..I’ll help you find him again. I promise.” LOL the woman laughed so much.

Barefoot Friends 1-22

Finally Eunhyuk comes back and decides he shouldn’t take money from the woman because he feels bad for losing path. They decide to just take payment from the guy. The woman pulls out a bill from her wallet and hands it to Yoon ShiYoon. Yoon ShiYoon gives the guy a big hug. They were so happy with their first money earned from their hard work!

Barefoot Friends 1-23

A few seconds later, Yoon ShiYoon realizes the woman gave him the wrong amount. It’s supposed to be 100,000 in Vietnamese currency but she gave him 10,000. He runs back to them and exchanges it for the right bill. Hahhahaha This scene was really funny. Then he gives them both another big hug cheerfully.

Barefoot Friends 1-24

Yoon ShiYoon holding his hard-earned money proudly.

Barefoot Friends 1-25

They have to pay the cycle owners 40,000 and get to keep 60,000. Yoon ShiYoon was the only one who earned money since Eunhyuk didn’t take money and the other two never found a customer. They’re all worn out and hungry so they decide to use up that money right away instead of saving it. They use all of it to buy food and they eat together before they go back to work again.


I really love Yoon ShiYoon’s character. I always knew his personality was nice but he is really bright, cheery, and hardworking. He made me smile and laugh so much and he is so lovable. Even though I like HyunJoong best I think I love him second best. He made up a good part of this episode with his encounter with the foreigner guy. He confidently speaks to him and it’s so cute and funny at the same time and the wrong money thing….. that part was sooooo funny! It’s his first time on a variety show but I think he’s really good and definitely shines.


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