Nature Republic Haul

Nature Republic opened up in Flushing last week!!!

I didn’t even know it opened until my friend told me about it because although I pass through Flushing everyday, my bus stop isn’t there so I didn’t see it. I was half shocked when I heard NR opened here in Flushing because it was so unexpected. I was so happy when I found out and still so happy! I love Korean cosmetics because they’re inexpensive, pretty good quality, and the packaging is really nice. There aren’t that many Korean cosmetic shops in New York besides Amore and The Face Shop so I’ve always been wishing for more Korean brands to open here.

Nature Republic

This is a really crappy pic. but this is the pretty wall full of leaves right by the entrance.

Nature Republic Flushing
The shop is pretty big and has loads of products. Seriously, they have sOooOoOoo much stuff. I spent a good hour there trying to look at everything.

Nature Republic Flushing (3)

The palettes are pretty and I sort of wanted that Jellydrop Jam balm but next time la.

Nature Republic Flushing (2)

That’s it for store pictures. I wanted to take more and better ones but I feel like the employees would come at me and say, “HEY YOU! No pictures!!”

Anyways, here’s what I got ~^^

(c) siabyul 042213.002 (c) siabyul 042213.003

  1. Nature Republic Garden Recipe Strawberry Wash-off Pack – $2.10
  2. Nature Republic Garden Recipe Kiwi Wash-off Pack – $2.10
  3. Nature Republic Color Waltz Nail Strengthener – $1.40
  4. Nature Republic Super Origin C.C. Cream – $18.80
  5. Nature Republic Original Power Blemish Ampoule – $13.30

I actually shouldn’t have spent because I’m so broke right now but of course I bought some stuff. I am such a good spender…. I see, I like, I buy. bad bad boohao -_- LOL

(c) siabyul 042213.004

The C.C. cream and blemish ampoule were on “grand opening” promotion sale so I grabbed them quickly today. I forgot exactly, but the C.C. cream was 50% off, so originally it would have been $30 something and the blemish ampoule was also at least over $20 originally. Below is a little swatch of the C.C. cream.

(c) siabyul 042213.005 (c) siabyul 042213.006 (c) siabyul 042213.007

Oh and here’s my Jang Geunsuk poster. T_T I wish it were Junsu.. I wish JYJ were still endorsing NR because then the gifts would be <333

(c) siabyul 042213.008

Excited to try all these new products out! :D Reviews will come soon!

(c) siabyul 042213.001


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  1. Is the cc cream is too oily ?.. I thought cc cream was a makeup like with colors? I planning to buy but i’m not sure about because i got very oily skin.. thank you for reading my comments~!

  2. Hi, I’m sorry about my late reply. I’ve actually moved my blog to so please visit there in the future~ ^^

    The CC cream isn’t oily. I would say slightly oily since you ask. And yes it has color; the color changes to match your skin tone when you apply it. I think it’ll be fine if you have oily skin. I believe it works for all skin types. I have combination skin and it works pretty well for me.

    thank you for leaving a comment! :)

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