Mother Father Gentleman

The first time I heard this song, I hated it. I mean it wasn’t extremely horrible but it wasn’t pleasing to my ears. Also, it didn’t sound like Korean at all… like the Korean was so rolled out that it sounded sort of like Spanish to me. But the song had a somewhat addictive factor so it made me go back and listen to it a couple of times more after that and it grew on me so then it became okay. Then the music video came out the next day and I was like wth is this and I didn’t like how it was so degrading to women. And now another day passed and I’m listening to it right now on repeat. Yup, it has 중독성. “Mother Father Gentleman….” Still not my favorite but it’s ok. The music video grew on me too now. Btw, Gain looks great! I sort of like it and I’m like doing that abracadabra dance as I’m sitting on my chair trying to burn some calories since I ate sooooo many ferrero rochers today. I’m not even kidding. I ate 12 of them and that’s 880 calories. DAMN and I’m like Y????? Y DID YOU NOT CONTROL YOURSELF and shamelessly eat them like a copy machine eats paper. I’m going to feel terribly fat tomorrow but right now I’m just like eh whatevs.


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