Burger King Dinner

Today after art, I went to Burger King because I was craving fries. I am becoming a true American with food again. Fast food, junk food, fried food, bad food, omg. TERRIBLE.

I used to be such a health nut and controlled my eating really well, only eating healthy foods and completely avoiding all fast foods a few years back and now I’m eating the perfect on-my-way-to-obesity woman diet. My dad had a coupon for a free whopper if you buy a whopper meal so he got that. And so, I ended up eating up all the fries plus a hamburger. The fries were large size so that would already be a ton of calories but I ate the calorie-full hamburger too. I felt so sick while eating the hamburger but I finished it anyways. haha You know, that guilty sick feeling you get? Especially for me, since I haven’t been eating McDonald’s or Burger King food for years so I felt like such a fatass while eating it. Oh well. It’s done. It has been eaten.

More fat for my bellay. YAY :{D



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