DBSK Day? I decided to describe this kind of day I have as a DBSK day. Today is that kinda day.

It started from watching Running Man after church earlier today and TVXQ appeared as guests along with Moon GeunYoung. I was extra happy and excited they were coming out this episode since I love Running Man already but plus TVXQ’s appearance, omg. I missed them — Yunho and Changmin. Hahahaha and they were dancing Catch Me on a grass lawn in front of a house. It was hilarious but they were just as charismatic. They are truly the best! And so hardworking. I really revere them for working so hard on everything. So, I started with watching that Running Man episode, then went on Youtube to watch Catch Me MV, and things related to that song, such as their dance practice video, live perfomances, and mr removed lives..then obviously onto old DBSK songs, their beautiful past live performances </3 bitter sweet.

This song is awesome. The choreography is like WOW so creative, artistic, cool, and sophisticated. I was like :OOO the first time I watched the music video. My jaw literally dropped. Seriously, they are the Gods of the East. And the song itself I actually really like. I didn’t really like Why much but this one I love. They are keeping their TVXQ status even as two and even higher. They are amazing.

Here’s a live of Catch Me. So fucking flawless. Dancing and singing at the same time flawlessly. And my fangirl side.. AHHHHHH THEY’RE SO HOT! YUNHO HOT BOD. POWERFUL MANLY DANCING<3333 CHANGMINAHHHHHHH I LAVA YOU. LOL okay I’ll stop. I adore Changmin though. He’s so cute. hehe I’ve recently finally decided that he’s my second favorite of DBSK after Junsu. But I love them all so much I cannot rank them honestly. Each of them are so precious. Haha but my loveee Junsu and cutie Changmin. I realized I like blood type B guys the most. Although I like some A’s too and O’s I feel like I can be friends with rather than in a love relationship. LOL I think it’s true about this blood type thing although some people don’t believe in at all and say it’s nonsense. I feel like it’s true I’m attracted to Blood Type B guys the most. I have proven results. All the O’s for example in DBSK, Jaejoong and Yoochun, I love them as friends but Junsu and Changmin I would want to marry.

Watching this video made me smile but at the same time sad. Happy-sad? What is the word for that? One of their earliest songs. Debut song Hug and I Believe. So beautiful ~ Really really miss them as 5 whenever I watch these videos :( I don’t wanna feel squishy and sad inside when I hear their old songs, but that’s how it makes me feel since they’re now split. A lot of times it makes me cry. I get so emotional, I don’t even know how, I can cry for hours continuously every time. It just shows how much I love them and how valuable they are to me. And TVXQ’s recent song Catch Me…. just thinking in my head, if they sang and danced it as 5, how much more I’d love it. It’ll be sexier, hotter, and with more energy with a fuller stage. Wondering what parts Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun would share with Changmin and Yunho. How much more beautiful the song would be with all 5 of their voices harmonizing despite how great the song is with just the 2 of them.

This is one of those 분위기있는 songs. I love it. Someone commented, “Junsu’s voice is addictive and i love it so.” I totally agree. His voice is especially addictive in this song. TOTES haha

This is a song I heard less of, so I don’t know how the song goes forwards and backwards like I do with most other DBSK songs. So I was listening to it like I was listening to a new song I have never heard of before and Junsu’s voice at 2:10 surprised me. Gave me chills with his 감미로운 목소리♥ His voice is so sweet and precious. Melts my heart, touches my heart, and can make me cry so easily.

And lastly for this post, Wasurenaide ♥
I’ve been listening to this song so many times on repeat since around the beginning of September. I’m not very fond of many of DBSK’s Japanese songs. I know their Korean songs better since I listened to them more before, but I always loved their Japanese ballads. I wish they sang Wasurenaide in Korean too so I can understand it as well but just the song and their voices alone is so beautiful to my ears it doesn’t really matter. Even though I have listened to all their songs at least once before, since I don’t know their Japanese songs that well, it feels like listening to a new song. This one was one of them I didn’t know much of before. The time I rediscovered this song, the melody just caught me. This song is so soothing and beautiful. omg makes me cry. And Junsu’s voice singing the chorus in this song just ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I am just immersed into it. Wasurenaide is my favorite of TVXQ’s Japanese songs. I love the lyrics so much too which makes me love the song so much more. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful song, I love. Here’s just the chorus part of the lyrics:

* To become the wind and go forth
Fly to a world with you in it right now
Just to see you, just to see you
Please don’t forget, I’m waiting for you

This is the one translated to English so it doesn’t capture the meaning as well as the original since you know, languages can’t be translated in exactly the same way. I read the Korean translation and I really really really love it. It holds so much meaning and the way it’s poetically written is so beautiful I just dieee, but it can’t be written in the same way in English although the meaning is similar. That’s the beauty of languages. The song’s originally in Japanese, so I don’t know the real exact meaning is but the way the Korean and Japanese language are structured are very similar so I guess it’s much closer than the English translation so I can see the beauty of the poetical art of the lyrics to this song.

Now it’s almost 9pm. I spent like half of my whole day on reminiscing old DBSK memories and songs..I want to go take a walk outside and then I have to start my homework. I have so much to do D; I’m always like this……late Sunday night I finally start hw, try to finish it, many times give up, sleep really late in the AMs, have to wake up early for school so I only get a few hours of sleep, the next day I look like a zombie, and it’s a cycle. A vicious cycle it is.


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