The FACE Shop Haul

I went to The Face Shop last Friday after school and picked up a few items. I was thinking of going there since a month ago because I ran out of blackhead strips but I finally made a trip there last week. I spent almost $70 total…went on a little beauty spree. I bought a lot on purpose this time to get a Kim Hyun Joong bag (although I don’t wanna admit it) but WHY U NO GIVE ME HYUNJOONG BAG?!! The other times I shop there, I only buy 1-2 items; usually a new nail color and they don’t even give me a bag but just wrap the thing with a plastic wrapper. I remember a couple of years ago when I was buying my mom’s birthday present there, I spent over $50 and they gave me a big bag (not a Hyun Joong bag because he wasn’t endorsing The Face Shop back then) so I was pretty sure they would give me a big bag this time since I’m buying enough items to deserve a big bag. But you know what they give me? They did give me a bag but it was a plastic The Face Shop bag — not a Hyun Joong bag. *disappointed* -_- LOL but honestly I was there to buy the items right? not to receive a Hyun Joong bag……….. </3

That’s how the bag looks like. I would have left happier if they gave it to me. Even though it’s only a paper bag it makes me happy. Maybe they just don’t make those bags anymore?

Here’s what I got.

The Face Shop – Silky & Soft Cotton Pads $4

The Face Shop – Volcanic Clay Blackhead Aloe Nose Strip $7
The Face Shop – Volcanic Clay Blackhead Charcoal Nose Strip $7

The Face Shop – Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask $22

The Face Shop – Face It Styling Auto Gel Liner $13

The Face Shop – Herb Clear Lip & Eye Make-up Remover $11

Free samples / Freebies they gave me.
the smim, cotton pads, and raspberry roots depuffing eye gel samples

Hyunjoong and Seohyun the smim commercial :)


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