New theme!


I purchased a theme for my blog! I bought this theme several months ago and returned it a few days later because I didn’t like it and today I decided to buy it again because I like it. I’m so bipolar. But I do love it! I do I do. I love simple yet sophisticated and just the clean whiteness of this web design………♥ 딱 내스탈!

It caught my eye the first time I saw it released in WordPress themes. I should have known it was the one for me but I was such a dumbbutt and didn’t realize until now. I’ve been a wanderer of themes for a loooong time and spent so many hours and went through so many headaches thinking which one I like best for my blog until I decided to stick with the Imbalance theme in the recent months. I still love that theme and grew sort of attached with it now but I decided to buy a premium theme for my blog because I’m going to be a frequent blogger from now on and I love my blog. This time I’ll stick with it and stop changing my mind. May this theme live long!

First day of school for me tomorrow so I should go to sleep a little earlier than usual.
hehe good night! such a beautiful night~


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loves XIA Junsu / designer / photographer

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