September 4, 2012

HI :) I haven’t blogged in such a long time! I feel like I haven’t blogged this whole summer. Yup, the last time I blogged was June 28th. I just checked. I usually go back and blog for the days I didn’t though, even though I actually post them after this post, but I put the date as the date from that day in the past. I’m bad at explaining but I know what I mean. I hope you get what I mean too. Hehe I don’t even know what to title this post but I don’t want to leave it untitled, so I just put the date. It’s late night 1am right now. Just turned September 4, 2012.

A lot of things happened since the last time I’ve blogged. Recently I’ve gone shopping a lot (mostly eye-shopping) to Roosevelt Field Mall and Tanger Outlet and XIA Junsu concert<33 Also, throughout the summer I had a lot of do-nothing days, went out with friends sometimes, and cooper union art program in July. Now summer’s already over, but it was a great summer overall although I didn’t study at all. I said I would really study this summer and read at least 8 books, write my college essay, finish naviance, and such…. I did none of that. But this summer was much more full than any other summer so it’s all good. I forgive myself. From this September I will work hard on school studies like I never have before. I’ll take Junsu’s concert as a gift for the start of this new school year; my last year of high school. I saw Junsu so I’m all powered up! 파이팅!! :) 잘할께요

I’m starting to feel the Fall season these days already. I want a trench coat, military jacket, and Fall color cardigans. I already got a dark brown colored MK bag for Fall and on~ First time I bought a brand bag. And I just remembered just now, I gangnam styled at Time Square. It was embarrassing but it was a yolo thing. LOL I’ll blog about all these things in detail soon. I have so many things to catch up on blogging about! I love blogging so I should do it regularly from now on instead of letting things pile up like this.

BYE for now!


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