Can’t get enough of Hyunjoong!

From a few days ago, I became obsessed with Kim Hyunjoong!♥♥♥♥

The obsession started after watching Breakdown MV which I somehow got to because I was bored at home after taking my regents, and I had nothing to watch since I only watch one drama at a time (watching Dr. Jin right now that comes out on the weekends) so I was bored and just wandered around youtube looking for any random variety shows to entertain me and take my stress away from regents. I had regents the past 5 days continuously. Streeeeessssss! you know, I hate tests and thinking for hours sitting on a chair. I watched a Happy Together episode in which Rain was on too, whom I disliked before, but now I like him. He’s so hot omg how did I not like him before. I don’t like him that much as to become obsessed but I’m a fan of his now. But on the other hand I fell in love Hyunjoong! Love his voice, love his personality, love his 엉뚱함, love his laugh, love his reactions, love his 4D-ness, love how he moves, OMG I LOVE HIM.

I just took a screenshot of my text messages to my friend because it’s basically the same thing I wanted to write here so I might as well just screenshot them instead of rewriting it since it expresses my love well enough. Hahaaha

(btw, I just learned how to take a screenshot with my phone! I heard you could do that but I didn’t know how to…so I searched it up. You just press the home and power button at the same time. WOW that is amazing. Learning new things is always good.) Yeah as I said above in my text msg, I loved him from before too. When most other people liked Goo Junpyo (Lee Minho) in Boys over Flowers, my favorite F4, no doubt, was Kim Hyunjoong from the first episode to the last. And I remember I used to listen to his BOF OST on repeat too during BOF times. And I liked SS501 but I never really looked into them except for a few songs. I remember I watched Hyunjoong’s laughing video last year LOLOL I loved that video so much. It made me laugh with him. But that was it. I never really looked into his songs, or knew that he released solo albums, or watched any variety shows he was on until now.

But at least I found out now. Another fate…..after Junsu kekekeke jk. But really, isn’t it fate that you meet certain people? It’s not like you could meet everyone in this world in life. I’m happy Hyunjoong came into my life. It’s been so long since my heart moved like this. I like that feeling you get when you love someone. Of course I have Junsu that I love already but it’s been 9 years of loving him so you know how it dies down a little bit hahhaha (you’re my #1 forever Junsu so don’t worry) but new love is nice since there’s the excitement of discovering new things and you want to know more and more. Yesterday and the day before yesterday I was addicted to the song Breakdown so I was listening to it day and night and just now I watched this video/fancam. I fell for him more with this video and he’s always so handsome & I love his beautiful smile♥

There’s so many variety shows Hyunjoong was on so I have lots to watch. I don’t have to be worried about being bored for a while, although I’m never bored anyways since I’m always doing something even though I’m not doing anything. Ok byee!

EDIT: I just found out that Hyunjoong got casted in a new 2012 drama! 도시정벌 City Conquest I”M SO EXCITED! They say it’s gonna air in July. That means more Hyunjoong for me. YAYYY ;D I already have a ‘drama to watch’ down on my list after finishing Dr. Jin.


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