Pink Galaxy Note, I Want A New Camera, New NII Summer Items, NII Fanmeeting Video, Junsu, Fort Totten, English Regents Tomorrow


First I started out looking through xiaxue’s blog because I was bored and a little sad; her blog is interesting to read once in a while and somehow she ups your mood a little bit. Her latest post was about The Secret and I was like, “What’s that?” and I read the first few paragraphs, scrolled down a little, her post was way too long for my attention span so I just stopped in the middle since I couldn’t read any longer. Through her, I ended up clicking on two of her friend’s blogs and they were quite interesting. I really liked one of Qiu Qiu’s? post. I think that’s her name. It was a very happy post. I can relate to it since that is exactly like how I am and my view of life. I totally agree with her.

Then I felt like searching up Galaxy Note videos on youtube so I did AND THEN I DISCOVERED THEY RELEASED A PINK ONE IN SOUTH KOREA! OMGOHSHIEEET IT IS SO SMEXY! So I was watching them hot pink Galaxy Notes. I want to post a few videos on here, so wait….lemme go find the links. BRB

OKAY found them. Here they are:

#!*%&)#85*@#$%&)!@*$)&@%!!!!!!!! I LOVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
Why don’t they release it in the USA already? I need color variety here. Not that I can get one now since I just got my white Galaxy S2 Skyrocket phone less than an year ago, but omfg I really want one RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW! Oh my heartttt! I never loved the color pink when I was younger like most other girls. I preferred other colors better, but recently I am crazy for hot pink. I am in love with the color. I bought hot pink pants and a hot pink bag but I’m craving more hot pink. This hot pink 갤노트 is so attractive. MUY ATTRACTIVO<3 I wish I can get it in my hands now although I can’t. That’s one of the reasons I need to move to Korea. I need these pretty phones right away! US takes so long to finally release it and they don’t even release other colors most of time — only black. How boring. I had to wait an year for the white Galaxy S2 Skyrocket to come out after the black Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. It was such a long, painful wait for me.

After that, I remembered seeing a camera on xiaxue’s post, so I went to go look at what model it was. It’s some SONY camera. I looked it up and it’s a cool camera. Good for selca-ing. It has a 180 degree rotating screen so it’s very convenient for taking pics of yourself. I never liked SONY cameras that much, so after I took a quick look at it, I hovered over to Samsung cameras. Cameras these days all look so slick and beautiful. It’ll be so hard to choose which one to get since there’s so many choices and decisions to make with all these digital interchangeable lens cameras coming to the scene too. The cameras look better than my Canon 60-D DSLR. I’m getting a little jealous. But I’m always grateful for what I have already so I’ll live with that for now. But I want to decorate my digital camera! I’ve seen some pictures of bejeweled cameras and they look so pretty! I think that’s such a good idea. Cameras are one of the most important things to me since I love preserving some memories through photographs. Customizing the cover of your camera makes the camera a thousand times more precious, at least to me. It would forever be my treasure even though after years later, it’ll be replaced by a new camera; it’ll be left as a treasure since I surely cannot throw it away especially after it’s customized by me. I love creativity and arts so it’ll be fun to do too. Must make my princess camera over the summer. ;)

Then I went over to to see what events were going on and as I did that, I stumbled upon some new summer items. I found about 3-4 shirts that are so adorable! Must get them. My heart desires. And they are doing an event. They’re giving our JYJ bromides, JYJ notepads, and JYJ necklaces. I would like a JYJ fan though since it’s hot these days. A fan will surely be useful. Also, I wanted a JYJ catalog like they had for spring last time. I never got to get one of those. ): It’s hard for me to get my hands on those since I don’t live in Korea or Japan or in Asia. I really want one though but I can’t get everything so I must keep calm and carry on.

At the bottom of the event page there was a NII fanmeeting video and OOMGOMOGMOAMGOAMGOHEGEIOAGJOGMOAGOMG!!!!!!!!!<3 SHOSHOSHOSHOSHOSHO CUTE! 준쭈쭈쭈쭈쭈쭈쭈! I so love that video clip so much! That’s the image I like of him the most. I don’t really like Tarantallegra style although I like it since it’s Junsu, but the Junsu in this video clip, is my favorite, perfect, natural Junsu! He looks the best just with a plain t-shirt, plain pants, no make up, and a bright smile. It makes my heart fill up with happy butterflies. How is he so cute even though he’s a full grown man? At age 26 he still looks like a cute little boy. Makes my heart flutter. It’s true — every time I see Junsu, my heart beats a little faster and he just makes my mood happy highhhh! That’s just seeing Junsu in videos, but what if I see him in real life?? OMG I’d omg I don’t even know. It’ll be indescribable. I say it everyday, but I love you Junsu, I love you so! Hehehe I’m so thankful to God for sending me 천사 샤~ ^^ It’s fate how I found out about DBSK and Junsu. What if I never knew DBSK? I don’t know where I’d be without Junsu in my heart anymore. And it’s fate that I fell in love with Junsu. It’s not like I can control my feelings and emotions. My heart, mind, and soul just loves him so much! I can’t control it. I don’t know how I came to love him this much but LOL my future husband will have to share part of my heart with Junsu since I’ll love him forever. And before I just wished I could be friends with Junsu, but thinking about it, Junsu as a hubby will be really nice. :D Although we’re like 9 years apart…that’s not that much right? My ideal type is a 밝은남자 just like his is a 밝은여자. Maybe, if we’re fated :o LOLOL Well it’s true there’s a chance. And he said he plans on getting married at age 33 so that gives me more chances since I’ll be moving to Korea in my early 20s. hehehoho oh what am I saying.

This morning, I took the US History and Govt. regents and after that Lily and I went to Fort Totten to relaxxx a bit. I was really hungry and I had to pee, but it was fun. Better being out then just having gone home. The breeze was nice, the weather was nice, and I haven’t been there for a long time so it was fun jumping from rock to rock. We camwhored for like 30 minutes at the edge. I’ll upload the photos soon. And tomorrow I have English regents early in the morning once again, and graduation pictures after that. Ohgoshhh please, I plead, I beg, I hope my pictures don’t come out like squished mosquitoes mixed with guacamole. I don’t want an ugly picture for my yearbook. Pleeeease let it come out decently. I know I’m ugly but pleeeeease let a miracle happen.

My post got really long since there’s so many topics in one post. My title…… I usually don’t like doing that. It’s not my style, but maybe I’ll start doing that. Instead of thinking of grammar and sentence structure, I should just let my fingers run freely over the keyboard without thinking much. I should just let what I’m thinking fly out through my fingers. Just freewrite. Not worrying about spelling, grammar, sentence structure. 그냥 내 멋대로. 하고싶은 대로. I like writing this way better, just writing how I feel like writing with capital letters and 2203915039 exclamation points when I feel the need for it.


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