Don’t know what to take out ):

Whenever I go online shopping, I always pick too many items and I have to take out at least half of them. But IT’S SO HARD to choose what to take out! ): I really don’t know what to take out. I love all of them. Especially after taking out several, it gets harder and harder because that means the remaining I love more than the ones I already took out. Other people seem to have a distinct style they like, so they don’t have that many things they want to get from one place. They only want one or two things, but I like all styles so I like and want so many things. I love everything from feminine to chic to romantic to fierce to cute to sporty and I love all colors whether neon, bright, pastel, bold, and I love all different kinds of fabrics and patterns and…………..

Right now I’m S/S Zipia shopping. I chose all the items I wanted in one day but I’m already on my third day deciding which items to take out. At first I had about $600 in my cart and now it’s down to $317, but that is still too much! >__< I need to remove some more items but I don’t even know what to do anymore. I love the remaining all equally. Ughhh D: Why do I have to like so many things?


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