My old youtube video

I totally forgot about this. 

It was all the way back from April 2008 when I was in 7th grade. Now I’m almost ending 11th. That’s such a long time ago. I was practicing piano for a few minutes just now, and I remembered about it. It just came up in my mind and I was like, “I wonder what happened to that video?” So I went and searched it up: Full House Piano Tutorial. I clicked and WHAT?!! 54776 views, 54 likes, 5 dislikes, 42 comments, and 15 subscribers. I was like, “Dangggg :o That was unexpected.” It’s not even my youtube account though. It’s my friend Augeleste’s account haha :)

I love some of the comments

And there’s those other funny comments

It made me so happy watching it. It brings back good memories. C: I loved middle school times. High school’s okay… actually I’m miserable in high school. Hate high school. Now I’m starting to get what people mean by saying childhood is a treasure. That time I was absolutely free~~~~ I’m still a child but after high school starts, it’s not the same anymore. Your mind grows more complex, there’s new responsibilities you have to take, and it’s the way to adulthood. I miss being a baby. But at least I’m forever Junsu’s baby. 내 아가♥ ehehe


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