Woowowowow this pic is amazing! I love tigers especially after I found out that Junsu is 호랑이띠♥

Grrrrrr. Seriously this is so unfair. WTF I know demerits is school policy and yes I know it’s my fault I got them. I’m not complaining. Yes, I was late a lot, yes I was. Thank you very much for all those demerits and another thank you for the numerous letters I got. Yay I got a whole pile-ful of letters already! Of course they’re not good ones like congratulations letters, but I love them so much anyways. I will look back and smile at them when I become a grandma hehe. Okay back to what I wanted to rant about was that this is so unfair. Like whyyyyyy only me? If that is the rule then every late person should get demerits too. WHY ONLY ME WHYYWHY WHY. TELL ME WHY. I see people just walk in even without a late pass so their late mark doesn’t even go on their record and their teachers don’t even give demerits. I am honest so even though I can just walk in without getting recorded late, I go and give them my ID so they can scan it and get a late pass. The demerit system is so unfair. I have Colakis first band and she is so strict and exact so every time I’m late, I earn another demerit. I have nothing against that but my problem is other people aren’t getting them even though they’re late or later than me. UGH. And no one cares and no one seems to know. If I had another teacher for my first class I would probably still have 0 demerits, not 20 something & I would be able to go on this physics Six Flags trip. :( I talked to my guidance counselor. She sent me to Ms. Figelman the dean who’s in charge of demerits and she tells me that’s that. Like it’s just bad luck that I have Colakis first and that “she has nothing better to do with her life than giving out demerits” that I can’t go on the physics trip and other people who were late … which shouldn’t be able to go on the Six Flags trip either gets to go, since they have no demerits since their teachers don’t care to give out demerits. And today, I went to ask Colakis herself if I could work them off or something and she said NO. T_T I wanted to cry at that moment. She said yes to Gurprit. Why not me? After I came out of the room, I regretted not begging her a little saying things like, “Pleeeeeaase? I won’t ever be late again. I’m trying my best. I really want to go on this trip.” Maybe I should have just cried in front of her. I felt like it and I’m good at crying. (Tears are rolling out of my eyes as I write this now.) I’m not good at talking to people since I’m shy so it’s hard for me. I did get better than when I was younger, but I was born shy so I will always have a natural shyness in me even though I try my best not to be. But at least I tried. If I were living back in middle school and younger, I would have been too nervous and scared to go up and talk to them. At least I tried telling my guidance counselor, the dean, and Dr. Colakis. At least I tried. It was a good experience.

I searched up Six Flags for some pictures on flickr and the 3 photos in this post are the ones I liked best. ;)

The thing I’m saddest about is that I can’t go make beautiful memories with my friendsss :(
That was the reason I wanted to go. I wanted to ride every ride, eat cotton candy, and takes lots of photos together. I don’t care much about junior banquet but I really wanted to go have fun on this Six Flags trip. The last time I went I was really little so I don’t even remember it so it would be a fresh new experience, spending a day in the amusement park.

I wanted to make good memories during this trip….maybe it could have been one of my fondest memories of high school; one of those beautiful memories you reminisce on when you get older. It pains me to think about this, that I have to miss this great time I could have had. Like I hear people say, “Life is so unfair.” It is being unfair to me right now. But what can I do. . . 울고싶다. I’m listening to IU songs right now btw. I never heard these songs before. I only know her more popular songs but I love these songs I’m listening to right now. They’re really soothing.


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