I want a hug!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry about my title. I find myself using lots of exclamations ever since Junsu did on his twitter and this too~~^^ He uses that a lot~^^ Hahaha anyways, I found this shoooo cute!

OMGSUN! 완전귀여워!!!!!~~^^ 어떻게어떻게

I saw this picture last night, technically it was this morning since I was still up looking through JYJ news at 5am on my phone instead of sleeping. There were Jaejoong and Yoochun pictures of hugging a fan too but I didn’t have much of a reaction to it. All of them were cute of course, since hugs are cute in the first place, but Junsu’s was the cutest! (Well for me at least) xD

Other people were commenting that they envy the girl but I didn’t feel any of that at all. I was just all smiles and I was just dying because it was sosososo cute~^^I had to keep looking back to it. The girl is cute too LOL I love how she’s hugging him so hard. I would totally do that too and never let go, hehe. I wish I could get a hug from Junsu too. I neeeed a hug. I love hugs. I would die for a hug from Junsu♥ omggg pleasepleaseplease, I really want a hug from Junsu too one day. God, please let that day come soon.

And I just found out today that Junsu made a new twitter account. Now it’s twitter.com/1215thexiahtic. I like this one better since he used his real birthday. :) He tweeted today, “새해 복 많이 받으세요~^^” along with a photo of him and his twin bro. I want a twin too! ><

준수&준호도 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

I was watching random Junsu videos on youtube earlier,

그 포즈.. 오마이갓썬!! 넘귀여워!
I love his look the best during that time. I think it’s my favorite. His hairstyle and everything, he looked so cute and young yet sexy and hot too, all at once. I love that hairstyle too. Now he is still cute but he doesn’t look like a cute kid anymore, but more like a man. But he’s still the cutest. He would be a cute grandpa too. Haha

I’ve never seen these two videos of him before with his best friend Eunhyuk.
The elementary school photo is so cute!

And last video I wanted to post 키스~~^^


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