Princess’ Man Episode 2

I started watching dramas again yesterday, after many months of non-watching. I don’t know if other people are like this, but I go in and out of dramas. I get tired of it sometimes and I don’t feel like watching them, and then I feel lonely and I need something happy to watch to keep me going, so I start watching again.

It seems like such a long time since I haven’t watched anything. The last dramas I watched were Scent of a Woman and Protect the Boss because of Junsu and Jaejoong. And the one I watched before that was Miss Ripley because of Yoochun. Now that I think of it, all of them were in dramas this year! (even though Junsu’s was just a cameo) Scent of a Woman was my favorite out of the three; not because I’m a Junsu bias but it was really a good drama and I loved the ending. It is so true and it was especially meaningful to me. I forgot the exact lines, but it was something like, “Live life like there’s no tomorrow.” Or if you put it in other words, “Live in the moment.” I needed that and I still need to change myself. I need to start living at the moment. Not that past, not the future, but right now.

So yesterday, I started watching Princess’ Man (공주의남자). I got interested in watching it because of Baek Jiyoung’s OST – I love you more than yesterday (I love that song) and because Moon Chaewon’s one of the main leads. I love her! She one of my top 5 favorite actresses. I watched episode 1 yesterday, and since it’s a historical drama I had no idea what was going on at first since there’s so many generals and whatnot……… Also, the language is different, since they talk the “historical way.” LOL I don’t know how to put it. So I don’t really understand what they’re talking about either since I’m not that good in Korean. It took some time to get into it, but from around the last few minutes of episode 1, I remember I was like, “Omg it’s getting so good!”

Today I watched episode 2 and now I’m totally into this drama! I loveeeeeee it. Okay I’ll admit, I’m addicted already. Hahaha but I have to keep myself from going overboard and watching like 24 episodes straight. I remember I did that last year or was it two years ago? It was around the end of December and New Years, and I was watching Shining Inheritance. I finished the entire drama in a day. 24 hours straight I watched it — right passed New Years. I missed New Years because of watching that. LOL but at least it’s a record. Ugh I always go off topic. Okay so I was talking about Princess’ Man Episode 2! AHHHHhhh it’s getting so good! And they’re so cute. Moon Chaewon & Kim Seungyoo.

I love her hair! Isn’t it so pretty? The sophisticated braid♥

such beautiful sceneryyyy~

Even though it’s blurry, look how happy they look. I love bright smiles! :)

Chaewon unni’s so pretty♥

He got shot by an arrow :'(

Her expression is priceless,


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