Nevermind, I want the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

I was searching phones today…..AGAIN and yes, I’ve decided for sure now. I looked at T-mobile’s version of Galaxy SII but I don’t really like it as much as the other designs at Sprint and AT&T. I didn’t know there was a slight difference in design. But no Sprint for me or anything else because they only come in black. I don’t know why, but I’m only attracted to the white ones. There’s just something about white ones that wins me over. Also, I’ve been wanting a white smartphone for a long time. It’s been on my wishlist as “white smartphone” for many months now so I will get a white one. I don’t like all black colored phones at the moment no matter how sexy it looks. So I’ve made my final decision to get the White Galaxy SII Skyrocket at AT&T. You can’t get prepaid for this phone though and that’s what I’ve always used. The plans are so expensive. :x I don’t need a lot of calling minutes so the cheapest one for that is $39.99 for 450 minutes. I need a data plan (I wish there was an unlimited option but there isn’t) so I’ll go with the 2gb which is $25. Otherwise, there’s the 200mb for $15 but that’s just too little and the others above 2gb is costs too much. And finally, I need texting. Why doesn’t that 450 minutes plan include texting? UGH :( So I would need to add the texting option seprately which is $20 for unlimited. Or else no texting plan which would be 20 cents per text which would cost more for me since I send/receive over 400 text messages per month. All that totals to $84.99 OMG That is too much for me already and that’s my minimum needs. I wish they had a cheaper calling minutes option or have texting included with it. I don’t know if my dad will get it for me since it’s too much per month, but I really want it. Pleeeeeease?

It’s a typical late Sunday night. 11PM Now I’m starting homework. :( Why am I like this?
And today it’s even worse. I have a physics collateral due too + lots of hw I don’t get how to do so it’s going to take extra long. God help me stay awake. I don’t want to keep turning into a bad student that never completes work. I’ll do my work. I want to finish everything. I feel too behind already and there’s no room for more falling back more. Alright, I will go start at 11:11 since it’s 11:03 now. Gogogogogogo me! :) Although I am already falling asleep. Ugh, I have to do this! I have to finish.

And one last thing. I just saw Junsu’s XIAHDAY 2011 xiahpwa test. LOLOLOL

& saw some more jewelry awards photos and videos. I like that shining shirt and that crown JUNSUBABYYY♥

And I watched Yoochun’s Ottogi CF. The name of the noodles is Ki Seu Myun and they made him sing a little song but it sounds like, “Kiss me, darling.” Aw, It’s so cute!

OKAY :D BYEEE for now. Homework and collateral time. FYAHHHHHHHH!!!!!


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