Back to Nishita

Look what I’ve done again……………………………………………………………………….

I changed my theme back to Nishita :o
There was something I didn’t like about Anthem. I thought I liked it but something really bothered me. I loved that it was modern and clean looking but the width bothered me. The pictures would post too small for my liking. :( I thought I found the one but it turned out not. When will I ever find the perfect theme for me? Anyways, for now, I’m back to Nishita. The main pluses for this theme is the width. It’s nice and wide and still simple. I hate how I have to scroll so much when I post long entries though. :x I wish there would be themes that looked like the ones used in Korean naver blogs {example}. Why can’t they have themes like that here? That would be the perfect one for me. It’s wide enough, simple but at the same time sophisticated, and not much scrolling since all the posts are organized in icon-like whatever you call it. Also daum blog templates are nice too even though they aren’t as wide as naver’s. Look It’s cute and very welcoming.


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loves XIA Junsu / designer / photographer

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