My Thanksgiving Donations 2011

I wanted to get it donated before Thanksgiving, but it was today I finally got started on getting a box and putting things in. At least it still makes sense since I’m thinking of giving while doing this on this day. I don’t donate every Thanksgiving. My title may be misleading since I put Thanksgiving 2011. It makes it seem like I did the previous years as well. LOL It’s actually my first time this year. I had many things I didn’t need so I thought I’d donate it this Thanksgiving.

10 large towels & 3 medium ones on top

A navy blanket and soft-cushiony-furry pink slippers

Paints, pouches, toys, etc.

My grandma donated some of her stuff too. 2 hats, 2 bags, a pillow, and bedroom slippers

Socks and my Hamtaro pencil case I used to use almost 10 years ago…

Random accessories!

Some 12-14 year old; children’s pants

More misc stuff.


Knit arm warmer and shirts

Kid’s turtle-neck shirts :)

A really large pillow! It took up half of a box and my boxes are BIG you knowww

Another one of my grandma’s. A wool sweater! I want to buy something like this; I love patterned knits for winter. ;)

Here are the boxes all READY-SET-GO!

I have a lot more to donate but I stopped here since I was too tired from organizing and packaging this much already. I’ll have to call a truck to come pick up these three boxes tomorrow. I still have lots of clothes to donate.  Maybe I’ll donate those in honor of Christmas?


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