Helloooooo my new theme, Anthem! :D

Soooo here it is, my new theme ANTHEM! Do you like it?

Here is the theme showcase page and it was designed by Ryan Essmaker. His about site address is I think that is such a good idea! I should make my about site in the future too, hahaa. I remember I was so happy when I saw this new The Theme Foundry theme got added on WordPress two days ago. Actually, I was looking through The Theme Foundry themes a few days ago and when I saw this theme I was saying, “Woww, I really like this.” Then right the next day, I found out it got added to WordPress’ themes and I was like, “OMG YESSSSSSSSS!” & I purchased it late last night. What attracted me was the clean and simple design. I like fresh, white, clean, minimal, modern, simplistic, functional, sophisticated designs and this one fit my needs. Oh, and the width is an important factor too. I like wide themes because I like posting my pictures big. So I’ve been testing out this theme for many hours today; getting to know how to use it and trying out the different post formats. There were some points I didn’t like about it and I was considering if I should return it or not since it is a premium theme and I purchased it for $68 which is a lot for a poor high school student for me (I still have to pay back my dad $30) but, for the most part I liked it so I’ve come to my final decision – EYE am keepin’ it! OMG my run-on sentence LOLOL :{D

Also, another thing ——- I like blogging a lot. I’ve come a long way since 2008 when I first came upon blogger somehow and created my first blog named journal`de`alice. (I still remember my first post about me making cupcakes for the first time.) I liked the idea of having my own personal website. Then I found out about livejournal and other blog hosters and I came upon WordPress one day. I liked WordPress best of course so I settled in here. The one thing I didn’t like about WordPress was about the web design, that you can only use the themes provided here and not use your own, so I’ve been changing themes ever so often since I wasn’t satisfied with any of them. The previous theme I had before this one was Blogum. It’s actually pretty similar to Anthem and there are several features I really liked about it such as the yellow highlighter effect when you highlighted words. I’ve decided on using Anthem but it was a close call. Blogum is a very nice theme too. Anyways, back to what I wanted to say, I think I like blogging better than writing on paper now. I used to like writing on real paper with a pen much better, but now I guess I’ve changed. Now that I have a theme I’m satisfied with too (although not 100%) I love blogging! So I’ll be blogging much more from now on. At first, I kept my blog private since I didn’t want anyone else to read what I write since it’s personal, but a few months ago I made it public. I don’t like keeping it private because I hate having to put my username and password in to get into my blog. It’s just annoying and now after years passed, I don’t even care anymore. I became more open. I think through blogging, I became more comfortable expressing my ideas in words and yes, it’s my second world home. The WWW world. :)

SAYYYY hello to the world


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