I am getting obsessed with beauty stuff.

It started early this year (I think). Or I started to have some interest since last year? I forgot exactly when, but I started to get into cosmetics, skin care, and beauty recently. I used to be the little kid who hated all this kind of stuff and I really really loathed lotion. I hated the greasy oily feeling it left behind so I didn’t even use lotion which everyyyone uses. I didn’t really care much about skin care products before and when I went shopping, I always used to pass by the cosmetics section of the store without giving it a single glance because I had no interest AT ALL. I think I slowly changed since the beginning of this year…and now I love beauty stuff and looking through new products. I’m not so much into makeup since I just like being natural and I prefer natural looks. I don’t like all this concealer, fake eyelashes, circles lens (I absolutely hate circle lens! They look so creepy and fake, ugh), and dramatic makeup. I like makeup in some occasions but I prefer no makeup.

I’m just into skin care products mostly as of now although I’ll never know if I’ll get into makeup sometime in the future. I loveee facial packs! It’s fun to do but I’m lazy so I don’t do it often but it makes your skin feel really nice. Right now, Innisfree’s facial masks are my favorite. So far I’ve tried out some products from Nature Republic (through JYJ’s endorsement), Innisfree, The Face Shop, Beauty Credit, SebaMed, Aveeno, Biore, and Origins. There might be some more but this is what I could think off of my head right now. Well, the Origins one I got for free so I’m just using it and I received loads of free samples from Innisfree so I still have a lot of products to test out from there. I will start doing reviews too. :{D All of the things I’m trying out are Korean brands. They appealed to me first, so I’m looking into it. I love all the Korean brand’s packaging and everything. It’s so pretty and some are just really cute like the Tony Moly egg pore set which I want to get. I don’t really like what I see at drugstores…..I don’t know what to call them, but American products? Idk, but I don’t really like them. Like the Biore blackhead strips don’t seem to be working very well for me compared to Innisfree’s blackhead strips. Asian skin products are more suitable for Asians I guess so yeahh, right now, I’m ordering my stuff from Korea. I want to order from Tony Moly, Etude House, Laneige, Skinfood etcetc next. But first I should use up what I have first and besides that, I cannot spend anymore money any time soon. I splurged too much. -___- I have to stopppp!

Also, like the picture I posted above, I want to learn how to do different kinds of braids. :) I want to learn fish tail and all the other complicated braids. They look gorgeous. I never did anything to my hair either except getting it cut but I want to get a perm for this winter. I want wavy hair. I’m not sure about dying my hair though. I want to dye it but I don’t want to damage my hair since I never did anything to it before. I’ve been wanting to buy wigs from pinkage and gabalstory for a while now. I want platinum blonde, light brown, red LOL idkay. I’m getting interested into nails too. I remember I first started putting on clear nail polish, they were actually nail strengtheners, because my nails kept breaking. Then I started buying some colored nail polish but now I want to design my nails too. I just purchased 2 nail products from Gmarket. I got a flowery nail film and pink glue-able nails. I’m not so sure about the fake nails though. I don’t think I want to use those. I bought them because the color was so pretty.

I’ll do my first review tomorrow! ~
I have no school since it’s election day so I’ll do something to fill up my blog.


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