I want the Galaxy SII

I have been spending away my time from 6 hours ago to now searching up phones. I want a new phone but I don’t have enough money to afford one since smartphones are especially expensive. I’ve chosen what I want though. I want Samsung’s Galaxy SII :) But I want the white one~~~ I’ve been waiting and looking for white smartphones. Why is everything black? Even this phone is only available in black in the United States. :( I hope they decide to bring it here soon. I really want a white smartphone right now. I’m tired of the phone I’m using now although I shouldn’t complain, but I think it’ll be good for me to have a smartphone. I would use it very efficiently so it’ll be all good but my dad said no as of now. Yeah I know, we don’t have enough money but ugh my wanting……. I can wait another month but I really want to get a new phone soon. I’m dying to get a smartphone. I need an upgrade you know. I want to get my white smartphone for Christmas. ^_____^

The black one looks pretty good too but I just like white ones better. I’ve been wanting a white one for a long time too so I hope to get a white one. Also, they have lots of nice Galaxy SII cases on Gmarket<3 I can’t wait until I get a new phone!


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