My MorningGlory Purchases 10/28

I was waiting for the Q13 bus to get home but it didn’t come, so I wandered into Morning Glory to check if they imported in new notebooks since I haven’t been there for a while. I love collecting their thin notebooks. :{D A lot of the designs are pretty so I’ve been collecting for several years now. I believe I have over 50 of them already — each one is different of course! I started to use them for this school year so it won’t be left as empty pages.

I remember I used to just keep all my pretty stuff, stickers, diaries, papers, and pens in a box. Especially when I was younger, like 10 years old and younger, I didn’t use them at all and just saved them in there for like forever. Finally I’m opening up and using them because I’ve changed…..I’m all itching to use the pretty stuff and notebooks. I have no idea how I kept myself from using them when I was younger. Why leave them to rot away when I could be using them happily. Right now, I have this scheduler I bought last year, but I’m saving it to use starting next April because I have the purple one I’m using right now. I’m eagerly waiting for the day I can start using that scheduler. It’s so preeeetty. I can’t wait! It’s a photograph and polaroid styled scheduler♥. This purple one I’m using now is nice too but I just can’t wait until I can use that one next April.

Anywayssss, here’s what I got! I spent about 20 bucks.


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