Metropolitan Museum of Art

I just came back from my trip to the Met. museum. My feet hurt so much and the soreness is slowly climbing up to my knees and thighs too. It was a half day today, so I decided to go out with them. Bertilla, Jenny, Jennifer, Jisu, and Joanna. Joanna and I just went for fun, and the others went out for their extra credit for English class or something. After school, we ate at the Asian/Chinese mall in flushing (I ate duck noodle soup! Idk what it’s called but there were noodles and ducks involved so I’ll just call in noodle duck soup.) Then we left for Manhattan. Got on the subway, transferred 3 times, got off, and we were there. The details at the museum I won’t write about since the pictures will explain it all. Sooooo, it was a fun day. Going out is always enjoyable no matter what. I like staying at home, but staying home by myself gets lonely and depressing sometimes because I have no siblings.:'( I really want a brother. A sister would be fine too, but really — I want a brother, whether younger or older, that’s just like Junsu and I would never be lonely at home.

Since I’m so tired right now, I’ll update the photos here later. I didn’t even bring my camera so I just have some crappy phone pictures. I’ll have to go steal some of the other’s photos to post here. Teehee:{D



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