I really want the JYJ노트!

I purchased NII items because I wanted to get the JYJ gifts and I also liked one of the fall jackets there which I wanted to get for my dad. I’ve placed my order a few days ago and they were giving away autographed mouse pad gifts if you spend over $50 but today I went on the site and OHMAGAWWWWWWD they changed the gifts. Now it’s a JYJ notebook with a lot of pictures. It’s also autographed. OMG I REALLY WANT IT! I want the mouse pad too but I want this even more. My heart is like adghakdflj;ajghadfjdlghasdfj I don’t even know. It’s beating for a JYJ notepad. This is crazyyy. I reeeally want it. Someone please get it for me<3

I also wish I had all the past DBSK photobooks. I want everything but I don’t have everything. :'( I’m thankful that I have the Rising Sun photobook at least. Thank you thank you. But I wish I owned every other photobook too. Even though I could find most of the pictures online but I want the photobook. I like it printed and it’s more special. I like keeping it.


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loves XIA Junsu / designer / photographer

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