Just came back from the New York Korea Festival

Loveeeeeeeeed it! :)

It was a really enjoyable concert. I decided to go because I’ve never experienced going to a big concert like this and I wanted to go experience it. Also, I love going out. That’s a change. I remember I used to hate traveling or going out just a few years ago, but now I go for everything. If there’s any events going on, I go out & I love traveling now. I would love to travel to different countries. Okay anyways, back to the concert. I loved it! I had such a good time. It was like 3-4 hours? At first I was at the back with the regular seating, and I couldn’t even see the stage, but later I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to go see the stage or what’s the point of being there? Just staring at the screen is like watching TV at home. I didn’t want that, so I went out LIKE A BOSS and went into the VIP section. Before doing that I had to some exploring. LOL so in the end I got up quite close. :))) You know, even in the VIP section, it’s really big so you might not be able to see. I was in around the middle and center of the VIP section so I couldn’t see their faces but I could tell who’s who; yeah up to there. Also, you know how I’m not really a big fan of any of the singers who were there. Yes, I love DBSK, but I loved them when they were 5. I still love them. They’re the best! JYJ+DBSK<3 My favorite singers of my life. From girl groups, I’m lovin SISTAR! My favorite song of theirs so far is So Cool ;) Also, G.NA’s song Top Girl kept playing in my head after the concert ended. I never really listened to it at all, but I think I’ll be listening to it on repeat all this week. I think I’ m addicted~ luxury hagae~ jjom duh hot hagae~~~~ nan top girl, tok tok tok twineun hot girl I’m top girl~ I love this song! Besides that I loved standing up on the chairs and dancing 10 out of 10 & Hands Up while screaming. LOL before that I wasn’t that up close but from when 2PM came out, all the fangirls came running out to the front, so the security couldn’t even stop them. And many people went up on chairs too so I went up on one too. I had such a good view. Then next up was DBSK, they sang 3 songs. Before You Go, Put Your Head Down, and Rising Sun. Like I said, I’m not really into their new songs. I loved the DB5K songs. Rising Sun was the best! I wish Junsu and the rest were there too. Then I’d go crazyyyy for real. I was still constantly screaming my lungs out because screaming is fun. LOLLLL I think I actually improved in screaming. It’s louder and lasts longer and my throat doesn’t even hurt. I took lots of pictures and videos too with my Canon 60D so it’s good quality. :) I love my camera. I just needed an upgrade from digital cameras. I got tired of them.. Soooo I have lots of video and pictures to share! I’m too tired right now to do anything. It’s 2AM already so I’ll upload them later. I need to learn how to video edit and stuff too. I don’t know anything about video editing. Since I’m feeling too tired to upload them right now I’ll just show you what I bought for now. TEEHEE



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