How to make a watermark using pse.

This is just a simple tutorial on how to make a text watermark using Pse. I was making a new watermark for my pictures on this blog today and I thought I’d just write up this short tutorial along the way in case anyone needs it (or I might need it too if I forget how to do this). It’s just 5 simple steps and it only takes 1 minute or less to make one. It’s just that you may take up a lot of time on step 2 — designing your watermark. I took up an hour doing that especially because I was being so indecisive of what font I should use. Anyways, I made two watermarks; one in English and one in Korean. BABYYOO and 베이뷰~ Here’s an example of how it looks.

1) Go to file > new > blank file (Make sure it is RGB color and background contents is set to transparent before you click OK.)

2) Click on the text tool and design your watermark.

3) Once you’re done, click on the marquee tool and highlight your watermark.

4) Go to edit and click on ‘Define brush…’

5) Name your new brush/watermark and click OK.

& you’re done!



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