I’m so happy it’s finally the weekend! This week of school was so long and hard. I’m so sleep deprived. Friday had already come to an end a few minutes ago and now it’s already Saturday. I felt like doing some online eye-shopping so I’m just looking at the new fall designs right now and I’m deciding on what to take out right now too. My list is always so long but I need to take out at least 80% of them…I want everything though! This time I’m looking at items from Pinkycat.co.kr. I don’t like really girly stuff like some of the things they have there, but I like feminine and classy styles. I actually like a lot of items on Pinkycat. My list has over 20 items on it but I should only get one or two from there. This is going to be hard.

Another thing —- I think I’ve came to my decision of having everything on one blog again. I have so much trouble deciding on everything and once I do decide, I change my mind after a little while. I’m seriously have issues. I’m not sure if I even like this Nishita theme and how long it will last on me, but I will have to just keep it the way it is. I have to stop looking at the themes and deciding to change it again and again.


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