This morning

FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKUFKUCUUFKCUFKCUFK. OMG SERIOUSLY. That is the most embarrassing thing ever. :( But it already happened right? And people will forget as time passes. OMG but I couldn’t get that out of my head all day and it will stay in my head for years now. :( OMG so embarrassing. I couldn’t even eat breakfast properly because the food wouldn’t go in. I’m so mad at myself. I should have been more careful. Ughhhhh I’m so stupid. I knew I needed to be more careful since it happened before too, but I’m so clumsy at times. I was so tired and I just forgot everything and slept. I forgot that it was even there and that I had to hide it. Anyways I’ve decided to try to forget it. 잊어 잊어 잊어….


About siabyul

loves XIA Junsu / designer / photographer

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