SNSD fancams

I first started out with Hyorin’s immortal song 2 video, and then I ended up with SNSD fancams from Sheraton hotel in LA. I was neutral from when they debuted, I actually liked them and their songs like Gee and Oh! were in my head for weeks. But when there was that Taeyeon Junsu scandal I started hating them because I was jerrrrous. No actually I just started having heart burns and heart pains not that I was jealous LOL but yeah I got over that, and now they’re okay again. I hate their latest songs though Mr. Taxi. Ughh hate that song. Anyways, I would actually like to meet them in person, esp Taeyeon although I’m not a big fan of them. Taeyeon’s my favorite from SNSD :) I’m actually happy if that was real. Junsu and I must have same taste then, hahaa. Aigooo Taengggoo. Anddd Hyorin, omg her voice is killer. She sings so well :o I was like danggggg.


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loves XIA Junsu / designer / photographer

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