I must be crazy.



Ahhhhh I’m always like this. I just have to START starttttttt early but I always do something else. Today I got home later than usual since I went to Latin tutoring and then went to pick up my Macedonia daycare paper. I wasn’t planning on doing that but I met May and Tiffany on the bus and they were going so I went with them. There I met Jisu and Joanna too. I was planning on getting my paper anyways, but I was being lazy and didn’t pick it up but I’m glad I got that done today. I need to log in my summer community service stuff today. Oh mannn so much things to do and so little time. Well, I made it that way. Seriously, I have to do my priorities first. Honestly, doing whatever I want is my priority ….rather than homework, but the way society prioritizes things. Anyways, so I got home later than usual, around 6pm and then I watched Protect the Boss ep 15 and then I went on youtube. Ugh and now it’s 10. ohmahgawd~ I’m crazy. And now I’ll be opening my bag after posting this post and adsghatpjakldgaipdgakd; ALL THAT PRESSURE ALL THAT HOMEWORK when I feel like going to sleep. Whatevahh, I gotta do my hair flip and take out that sheet of looseleaf.


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