I’m excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found a new clip of Junsu I haven’t watched yet! :D Ahhhhhhh I’m so happy right now! It’s 5am right now though so I should reallyy go sleep and I’ll save it for tomorrow. I knew I watched Family Outing when it came out years ago, but I didn’t know I didn’t watch the whole thing. Probably the whole thing wasn’t on youtube so I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing. I just remember watching the part where they go catch the fish but today I found the rest on youtube.
ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 아이앰 쏘해피^______^

I have been always searching for that part where Junsu’s sleeping. LOL He sleeps weirdly like me adfhajdhgajkdf. Oooo I just found a picture! :))) Okay actually I sleep more weirdly than that but anyways…..


eheheh okay, seriously……. I should go sleep now. It’s 5:05am.

오마이갓 썬:o!!!


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