Pink Touch 2

I am constantly changing my themes. I changed it for like the 8th time now? Idkay. There’s none I 100% completely absolutely like. It’s so frustrating. This time it’s Pink Touch 2. I had a little bit of attraction to it since the first time I saw it but it kept pulling on me. I sort of like something about it but I sort of don’t like parts of it too. I wish there was the “perfect” theme for me. No themes seem to satisfy me. Several of them look okay but there’s none that’s “perfect.” Anyways, I think my blog will live on like that. Every time I see some 신상 themes here I’ll just change it. I’ll be following the theme trend for my personal blog.

Another thing is that I started to move out again. I used to combine everything into one since a few months ago. I wanted to keep all my music, shopping, interests, design, photography —- all in one place. I’ve deleted all my websites and moved everything into this place but these days, I’m moving them out again. Maybe I don’t like it as one. I thought having many websites/blogs would be difficult to manage, annoying, and just very 복잡해 but I actually think I like it that way better. Different themes fit better for different categories. Also, having everything here is sort of 복잡해 too. Everything is mixed in into one little blog. I just want to keep this blog for just personal use without posting other stuff. I have decided to separate everything again and this is final. I’m not changing my mind about this anymore. I’ve already moved out several. What I have now is soeulleecollection for shopping, JYJhouse for Junsu and JYJ, bubbleecookie for Korea orders, and I’m planning on my portfolio website as soeullee and a separate music/dramas website for my needs. I will be having a lot of websites to manage again but it’s not that bad. I’ll have about 10 websites again… :o Yeah that is the way. I will never combine everything here again. That was a bad idea.

Anyways, PINK TOUCH 2. This new theme I’m using here, I’ll just say the things I love about it. I love how there’s so many different post options! There’s standard, aside, gallery, image, quote, link, chat, audio, video. Damnnn that’s a lot! I’ve never seen that many options yet. That’s one thing I like about it and I love the little ruffly thing on the top where the search bar is. It’s cute. I like those kinds of styles these days too so that’s a plus. Like that it has a custom header, so I can at least customize a bit. Like the grid background. It’s quite interesting. I’m not really bothered that it’s a different color though. I only went for white background since I like simple and clean designs but I’m accepting this colorful-ness with the pink and gray. It’s not that bad actually. I likeeee. Love the simplicity. You just scroll down. Nothing complex. Just like the look of it overall as a whole. I was a little alfalfalfhalfafala about the font, but that’s okay. It’s not horrible. This theme is quite nice actually. I’ll give it an 8/10.

Very noice!

Alright, I’m sleeping now. 4:40AM! Btw, got a DSLR camera yesterday :) I’ll upload pics and first shots tomorrow! (erm I mean today..after I wake up again later in the day) 우와 완전, 사진 화질/퀄리티 짱 좋아! 디카랑 비교하면 디카가 쓰레기정도 된다. 뭐 그래도 디카도 좋지~  작아서 편리하고 쓰기가 쉽잖아. 오켘 자러간다!


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