I just watched Scent of a Woman episode 14

and I cried so much.

Heejoo died :'( I was so sad when she died. It’s just a drama but it was so moving. And then I kept wondering, how sad I would be when I lose one of my loved ones. And I thought of how sad I would be if Junsu died. I would be sad forever. T__T

Besides dying, just the thought of him getting married, I think would hurt a lot. He would be getting married soon, in a few years, since he wants to be married by 27. :( WAIT….next year?! I should be getting ready to take the pain. I don’t know why I’ll be sad since I would be accepting anyways, but I just know I’ll be sad when he gets married. He should marry me LOL This one-sided love is so sad too. I loved him so much for 8 years so far and he doesn’t even know I exist. T____T VERY VERY TRAGIC.

and Yeonjae looks like she’s going to die soon too. : Ahhhh~ last two episodes next week. I can’t wait! and at the same time I’m sad it’s ending. It was a very good drama. 베리 굿~! ㅎㅎ


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