I need to stop being on the computer for so long


OMG I CANNOT BE SITTING IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER FOR 24 HOURS STRAIGHT. Yeah but that’s what I’m doing. My butt is dying. 아 진짜…이러면 안되지 알만아… 알만아 너 왜이러니!? 나쁜 알만! 너 나빠나빠나뻐! 헐~ 오늘 whole day I was on the computer. This is sad. It’s not like I’m doing anything on the computer either. I’m just wasting my life here. I have to stop doing this. OKAY TOMORROW, I will limit myself to 3 hours max. Aiiiight

And TOMORROW, I will study and do other things that are productive. I hate living like this so I should do something. AIGOOO 방도 치워야되!!! 알만아 해야되! 오케? 알만아 파이팅!

I must be crazy. I’m talking to myself. -___- Ooookay. SLEEP. I’m going to sleep now.


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loves XIA Junsu / designer / photographer

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