I came back from camp today

I went because I felt my summer was too empty, just ending it this way. I felt the need to go do something about it. That’s why I decided to leave and go there. Also to volunteer and get community service hours? I don’t know if they’ll give hours for this or not though.

It was fun. :) It’s 15724892385x better than staying home and doing nothing productive. We set up tents, went to the beach, watched movies, played volleyball and badminton, went to the berry farm, and did other things. I became so muscular from cutting logs.

Oooo and the children<3 Hahah I love them. I like wild-but-non-violent and smiley children. I love everyone but my favorite’s Andrew. I don’t know why but he’s just my favorite. Maybe it’s because I met him first? or because he’s very smiley. I love hugging him. While watching movies he sat on my lap for 2 hours. Although my legs hurted since he’s a little heavy, I just stayed still since he’s so warm. It’s cold at night watching movies outside so he was sitting on my lap and I was hugging him. I miss John Song too. :(((( When I was still in middle school I babysat him. I picked him up at PS 31 and we walked home together. I played with him, taught him, and helped him with homework. Good times. I wish I just had one picture of him. I don’t even remember how he looks like but I can remember him very faintly. I love John Song. He’s in middle school now. Probably MS 158? I should go try to find him. Hehe I wonder if he remembers me though. If he doesn’t, I’ll be sad.

Okay, and then the bad things. There wasn’t enough water for me to drink. I should have brought a box of water. I NEED AT LEAST HALF A GALLON OF WATER EACH DAY but I didn’t get that. Ugh I was so water deprived. The second thing was that I missed my dramas. Scent of a Woman & Protect The Boss. The first thing I did when I got back home was Protect the Boss! while cutting nails. I’m not really feeling it though although it is a good drama. I like dramas like Protect the Boss but I’m for Scent of a Woman right now so all my interest is in that drama. I can’t wait for episode 9 tomorrow!

I’ll upload my pictures tomorrow. ^^


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