Changed my theme again.

I went through this.

AND this.

Was thinking about this.

But finally decided on this.

It’s called Blogum. Thazzz raight!  BLOGUM YO!

Yesterday, I was seriously considering this one too. It’s a theme called ‘Simple Portfolio’ by Organic Themes. Here’s the demo link: I really like it. I was thinking about this theme issue for hours yesterday night. Staying up till the AMs thinking about, “What theme? What theme? What theme?” I wanted a wide and simple one. Blogum’s width is only 545 but I was looking for one that was 800. Also, I liked Simple Portfolio’s slider and the faded out images. When you hover your mouse over the image, then the true colors come out. I just liked those little tiny details of that theme and most importantly, that it was wide.

The downside was that Simple Portfolio isn’t one of the many themes offered by WordPress. Also, I learned that you can’t use it on even though you buy the theme. CSS Upgrade doesn’t mean you can use that theme. So the only way I could use that theme is to move over to OH WHOA. I can’t do that. It’s too much. Then I would have to host by myself paying monthly for the space, bandwidth, and everything else I don’t even understand. I wouldn’t know how to do all of that and it costs lots of money too. That’s why I decided this morning it’s too much work, I can’t afford it, it’s easier and more convenient here at I love I’ll just stay here. :)

Then I decided I’ll go with Blogum. I was playing around with the CSS stuff for Blogum too. I was trying to make the width wider. I did succeed on that, but I have no idea how you get that title thing on the side, to the top. CSS stuff is too much for me. I don’t get it and I can’t take it. I just finally decided, “Okay. I’ll just use it the way it is. CSS upgrade would cost another $30 which I can’t afford anyways.” I started posting some things and it started growing on me. I think I like Blogum now. I like it very much. At first I didn’t really like it but now I think I love it. The width is small, that’s true but small looks nice here. I like posting pictures large but it’s okay. Also, I found a little tiny detail I like about Blogum. When you highlight things, it’s a light yellow! It looks nice. I love Blogum. I loved my previous theme The Morning After too but something just didn’t fit. Blogum feels much friendlier to use and the design feels more welcoming. I will stick to this theme for a long time. I have to stop changing themes. Alright, so celebrating the beginning of August! Here comes Blogum! :D


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