I’m addicted to Goodbye Baby & Hate You

I just downloaded several albums. I’ve been so behind in music these days.

Ugh but I love Miss A’s Goodbye Baby & 2NE1’s Hate You so much. I’ve never been addicted to 2 songs at once. I love both of them equally. I don’t know which one to listen to now. When I like a song, I listen to only that song on repeat forever — until I get tired of it.

Miss A’s album bothers me a little though. I listened to some songs in their album ‘Class A’ but it keeps reminding me of other songs. Goodbye Baby reminded me of SNSD’s Run Devil Run and other songs reminded me of one of T-ara’s, 2NE1’s, 4minutes’, and some others I forgot. But really, they sound similar. When I listened to Mr. Johnny, it reminded me of SNSD’s Show! Show! Show! and when I listened to 그 음악을 틀어줘요 DJ it reminded me of T-ara’s Apple is A right away. It’s annoying when I’m trying to listen to a song and it reminds of another song. Also from 2PM’s album one of the songs reminded me of SNSD’s 별별별 a lot too. -____-  Anyways, it’s okay since they’re still good songs even though they sound similar.



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