Wishlist – Updated July 17, 2011

+ Beats by Dre headphones
+ Sneakers (those jelly ones, that sculpt as you walk/run and they’re soft)
+ IKEA simple white wardrobe closet
+ DSLR camera
+ Photoshop – Adobe Suite
+ Video Camera (Flip style)
+ Iris plastic organizer boxes (I need a few more)
+ Lacoste sunglasses

I’m not really dying for any of these things, but I just want them. I love those headphones, but that could wait. The sound quality is so nice and it feels so comfortable when you put them on, but it’s not that I really want them. I’m just interested. I want to get that wardrobe closet fast, so I can finish organizing everything. That’s not for me, but I’m the one who’s going to be organizing my whole house so I think I’ll need that — the sooner the better. I want to get finished with home organizing already. DSLR camera, I hope to get soon. I don’t know which I should get though. I know I’m getting Canon, but there’s so many and I have no knowledge of how to use them or which one’s good. There’s so many different DLSRs out there but I think I’m leaning towards the less than $1000 ones as of now, because it’s my first time buying/using, so I think I should start out with a less complex one. Also, I went to Best Buy today to check some of them out, and I like the lighter and smaller ones better. The ones over $1000 are bulky, heavy, and have much more functions so I think for now a cheaper one will be fine. I’ve always wanted Adobe Suite or at least Photoshop since years ago but my dad didn’t buy it for me since it’s expensive. I don’t know if I really need it but it seems essential for interior designers and art interested people so I want to learn how to do things and use it. I’m also interested in those Flip cameras. Not necessarily Flip brand but the ones that look like them but I’m waiting on getting those too since every thing is coming out together these days. You can do everything with just a phone. Call, take pictures, take videos, etc so I don’t know if it’ll be worth it. So the things I really want/need to get are the plastic organizer boxes and good sneakers so my feet will be willing to go outside and exercise more. I hope to get the wardrobe closet thing soon too, most likely a reasonable priced one from IKEA. Lastly, I really want one Lacoste sunglasses now. I just saw them today passing by Century21 and I LOVEE THEM. They’re so colorful and I love the design. The quality and fit feels comfortable too. I just got white ESPRIT sunglasses yesterday but I want one Lacoste sunglasses. I’m obsessed with sunglasses these days. I love them. Ugh, I have so many things I want to buy : I need Mega Millions.


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