I’m so sad today.

I was supposed to go volunteer but I woke up late again. :( I feel so sorry to them for not going and not even giving them a call. I just can’t call though. I’m sorry. I should wake up really early and go tomorrow.

I woke up at almost 3pm today. I have to stop being nocturnal. Since I missed my work hours already, I’ll just be doing things at home again. I’m going to clean my room, start studying, organize some computer files, read, and exercise. I need to spend less time sitting in front of the computer. I should start limiting myself. Also, I have to HAVE TO sleep before midnight today. I want to wake up by 7 latest tomorrow. I’m sad right now, not really knowing the reasons to why I’m sad. I just woke up and I was already feeling sad but I’ll leave a smiley face.



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loves XIA Junsu / designer / photographer

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