I don’t know what I should title this post so,

I’ve been watching random DBSK clips on Youtube today. Starting with YooSu, Junsu sleeping, Awww so cute. Btw, I learned a new thing today. Another similarity between me & Junsu is the way we sleep. LOL I sleep in weird positions. My body is squiggly and with one leg up in the air and my arms are all spread out, okay I don’t know how to describe it in words but yea. Then I watched All About DBSK Season III. Rock climbing, surfing, arching, soccer, badminton. :)) Although I watched it already about a year or two ago, I enjoyed rewatching it. It made me so happy. I miss them so much as 5. :( So right now I feel happy but sad; is there a word for this kind of feeling? And the last video I clicked on after watching III was a clip from Season II and on there the song On & On played. Omggg I love it. I absolutely loveeeee it. And it fits perfectly with my mood right now too. I should go rediscover their old songs again. I know all the songs, I have all the songs, I watched every variety show they were on, etc, but now I wanna go collect as much as I can. Esp the videos. I want to keep everything now so I could rewatch them in the future. DBSK made me so happy. And I think it’s natural for humans to pick out their favorite person and the person they hate the most but DBSK, I love all of 5 of them. I just cannot pick out who I hate. They all have their different and unique points that make each member so lovable. Although I now know for sure I love Junsu the most, I love all of them. I loved all of them together. But one thing about JYJ is that I finally got to see Junsu in person. DBSK would have never came to New York or NJ since SM only goes to CA. :( but now I love JYJ too and I’m not really following HoMin anymore although I’m sad to say that. It’s because Junsu’s my favorite and YooSu couple is my favorite making Yoochun my second bias too. & after they split, I don’t really like the new songs they’ve released. I love them as 5 altogether the most though. Best music. Back to that, I should search up their old songs again. I’m not really familiar with them actually. I have the rest of my summer to do that. :) I love On & On so much right now. I think it’ll be on repeat for a while. I always do that. If I like a song, I only listen to THAT song (on repeat) for days to weeks if it lasts that far.

Also, another thing I was happy about today. (It’s actually part yesterday since it’s 3AM right now so it’s a new day) OMG when I first saw that notification my heart fluttered. I was like half in disbelief and half in such amazement. & then I went into a very very happy mood. I roll on the floor when I’m happy and jump off my chair. LOL Junho replied to me on twitter. Kyaaaaaaaak!!!!!! I was so happy. I feel so special. Junho does reply to people but it’s a select few. Even tho it’s not Junsu, it’s his twin brother. His other half, his twinnie. His supportive older brother. I love them. They’re my favorite twins in the world. I’m not ‘really’ Junho’s fan. I don’t really know him besides the fact that he’s such a kindhearted and lovely person like Junsu. So I wasn’t expecting any replies. I just tweeted to him without any thought. I started following him because he’s Junsu’s twin and I stalk Junsu on twitter. That’s not really stalking but yeah, I follow his mom, his brother. Just his dad doesn’t have a twitter. Haha Ohh yeah speaking about his mom, I just found out today that she was a former Miss Korea. I was like danggg. I admire that they’re such a happy fam. Mom dad Junsu Junho — they’re all so optimistic and they give off happy energy. I don’t know what other people think but I feel like if Junsu’s there, the atmosphere just turns happy. He’s makes everything so bright.

Ohh and because of DBSK I forgot all about IU. Keke I’ve been singing for hours yesterday. There’s this contest on weheartiu so you know how I said, “I’M GOING TO JOIN EVERY SINGLE (ART RELATED) CONTEST FROM NOW ON.” Yeah so I found a contest. BUT I seriously can’t sing. I tried recording and I sound like @#$%^&*( It’s depressing. At least I’m not tone deaf but I really hate my voice. Idk I just don’t like my voice. Oooh and I remembered another thing I’ve been doing. I’ve been practicing piano a lot these past couple of days. Trying to play parts of Chopin’s Walzer and JYJ’s Fallen Leaves and Empty. I just play the songs I want to play. I think piano started because of DBSK too. I wanted to play their songs on the piano so that’s how that got started. Otherwise, I might have never had interest in playing piano. I teach myself and I think I’ve improved a lot. I’m so pro now. haha jk. geugunanigo~ but I think I did improve than let’s say 3 years ago. Okay so that’s what I’ve been doing so far. Playing piano, watching Junsu/DBSK/JYJ videos. OH BTW that Jenga video. hahaha I’ve been replaying that a lot. It’s so funnayyy. So I’ve been playing piano, watching videos, trying to sing to record a contest entry for that IU contest, and eating a lot of chocolate.

I have to really sleep now. 여전히 늦게자. This is bad. I keep telling myself I’m gonna sleep at 9PM! okay more like 11PM, but – I mean more like before midnight is my goal, but I’m always sleeping in the AMs. I have to work on this. Also, it’s almost the middle of July already. :o And I feel like I’ve done nothing really much. I planned to accomplish so much. I need to. I need to catch up on a lot of things but I feel so unproductive. I’m spending my days doing nothing mostly. I need to start. Really need to start tomorrow. Ugh, I’m saying that again. I always fail again and then I say “start tomorrow.” I have to stop saying that jinjja. UGH CHAMNAH. 나 왜이래. Okayy but tomorrow I will go volunteer early in the morning. I hope I get up on time but that seems almost impossible…it’s almost 4AM now. 아냐~~~ I GOT THIS. I GOT THIS YO. I’m going to accomplish everything in life. Eheheh

Hahah okay. Gnite. to me.


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