So I chose this theme — The Morning After

It’s July 1st today.
I like new months because it feels like a new beginning. I could start over again. I have to stop saying I’m going to start all over again though. I’ve been saying that too much and I’ve done nothing to change anything. This month, I’m really really really really reeeeeallyyyy going to start over. Even though it may be a slow start; it may not be perfect from day one, but by the end of this month I’m going to live my changed life and live that way from now on and on and on and on.

Reflecting back to the past (especially sophomore year)
I’ve been so lazy. I’ve been such a fail. I’ve been doing nothing. I’ve been so stupid.

Looking to the future…
1) I have so many things to do.
2) I have so many things to catch up on.
3) I have so much work to do.
4) I have so many goals to meet.
5) I have to work twice as hard to make up for my stupidness.

Today soeullee also had it’s real opening. It’s a JYJ fansite (but Junsu biased) and I’m a staffer there. :)))) I’m going to work hard for soeullee. Cecile, Vivi, Nayoung, and I are running it & Cecile unni is the boss. THE BOSS LADY. They’re all such nice unnies and they’re all Junsu lovers. Woooot<3

Last thing I want to write about today, I’ve changed my blog’s theme to The Morning After. I loved my previous theme better but this theme fits better for my needs. I needed a wide yet simple theme. I made my last minute decisions for my official new beginning and I’ve decided to merge all my blogs together. I have too many = not going to work out so I’m going to just put everything here from now on. I had separate blogs for music, dramas, design, shopping, study etc. That was crazy and it’s not THAT important either right? Everything’s going to be here now — in one place. One world, one red ocean. Hahha I don’t know why I said that, but I like ONE TVXQ’s slogan. Anyways, my point is, everything will be here now. In one place, one blog.


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