I really like the song Nine

That happened before too. When JYJ first released their album, The Beginning, I really didn’t like their new style with all the English songs, and there weren’t any ballads which I usually like. But after the concert, I just became obsessed with every single song. I like all the songs after the concert. Some not as much as others, but I don’t hate any of them at all. I really like Empty and Be My Girl.

Now their second album, Their Rooms, I actually didn’t listen to it much besides Pierrot, Mission, and the Untitled Song. I didn’t really like the Untitled Song, but it has meaning to it so I’ll like it. I like when they say woori JYJ in that song though. Pierrot was okay, Mission was okay. Yeah, they’re both okay, but I didn’t loveee the songs. I like them now. :) But I didn’t listen to the rest of their album much until after their concert. I went on Picnicxiah and in the background they played the piano version of Fallen Leaves so the tune became imprinted in my head. So that’s when I actually started listening to it, and I haven’t looked at the lyrics, but it seems nice. It’s a nice song. & at the concert, Junsu looked at me while singing this song. Ahhh so I love this song & I really love Nine. I think it’s one of my favorites. This again, the Picnicxiah video introduced me to the song. She went to a concert and took this really nice fancam of Junsu’s head. <3 and then I fell in love with this song too. I love all their songs now. And I don’t know how this happened but now my favorite songs are all JYJ songs. They are good songs though and their all talented.

Btw, I just did some research, and they composed all the songs themselves on Their Rooms.

And Fallen Leaves, Junsu composed Ahhhhhh<33333 that makes it so much more meaningful to me. That at the concert, we had eye contact during his song. Maybe we are really soulmates. As in meant to be best friends. :) LOL This is my favorite song now. Not because of this reason only, but I think it’s the most well composed too. I loveeee that Junsu composed it. That fact makes it more lovelierrrrr. No wonder Picnicxiah had the piano verison of this song playing in the background. I wanted to start posting my videos on youtube too from this summer. I always like playing the piano from time to time, but when I read Junsu’s mom’s interview, ugh yeah I gotta play piano to please her. Hahah no that’s the real reason. These days, listening to Fallen Leaves and White Lies, I felt like playing piano. I love piano now. It’s a good way to spend time and exercise my fingers playing Junsu composed songs. Back to the point, I want to record all the songs I play because you know how you get it perfected…and then you forget soon. Since you keep playing new songs and don’t practice that one song forever. So I want to record every song I perfect and upload them to youtube. It’s sort of like keeping a photoalbum, but it’s a video one of me playing piano. I think the first song I shall record is Fallen Leaves. I should go find some sheet music. :)


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