I’m so happy! I feel like he replied to me.

This was my tweet to him yesterday night.

@0101xiahtic 지금 한국은 벌써 11일 인가? 미국은 아직 10일 인데.
부산 콘서트 파이팅!!! 잘해~~~ 힘내고 ^^ 사랑해♡ 난 팬캠 기다려야겠다

& today he tweeted

He tweeted the same ♡ as me. Ahhhhhh OMG. I’m pretty sure he just copied and pasted that from mine and he read my tweets! ^^ He never used that kind of heart before and no one really uses that heart. So I’m sure it’s from me. I sent him a heart and he sent one back to me. LOL whatever what other people think, I’m going to think like this. Haha omg I’m so happy right now! And I will never forget our long eye contact when he was singing Fallen Leaves right in front of me and when I smiled at him, he smiled back. It was the best moment of my life. I looooove when he smiles. ♡


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