Soeullee for JYJ

Im going to work hard for Soeullee now & I hope it becomes big. It’s been decided that now it will be based on JYJ and Junsu only and the rest is just random interests. I’m still not sure on how I should organize it. It’s too confusing. I need to come up with a good system, but I’ll work really hard on it. :) Soeullee 파이팅!

Also, it’s Memorial Day today. I ate 고기 in my backyard..

What is Memorial Day? Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. I don’t really have a connection to it so it was a normal day for me but for the people who do; remember remember.

I need to go to school again tomorrow. So much work to do but I still haven’t started. It’s almost 9 now. Why am I like this? :( I really have to stop being like this. I’ll go start now after I take a shower. With the little time remaining, I’ll 열심히할께! ^^ (After stalking Junsu these days on twitter I keep using ^^ Hahaa) I’ll go create my study schedule too and everything. I only have a week left until my finals and my brain is empty. Then soon after those finals, there’s regents, sat IIs, etc. 아이유~ I have to become more diligent and put effort into everything I do. Like my Junsu♥

And I’ll really take care of myself well now. I have to eat more healthily and exercise daily. I’m getting so fat. It’s crazy. I like starting with new months so since it’s almost June 1st, I’ll officially start then! My goal is to be under 110 pounds for now. Okay, I’m offfff to do my work. Byee


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