Miss Ripley Episode 1

I had nothing to watch these days. I didn’t feel like watching any dramas and there were no dramas that caught my interest. I didn’t feel like watching those comedy-romance dramas these days like Kim SamSoon, Full House, My Fair Lady…I usually like those kinds of dramas but I don’t know why I don’t feel like watching them these days. I tried to watch 49 days. I watched episode 1 but it wasn’t THAT good. It was pretty interesting honestly, and different from regular dramas since it’s fantasy, but after a week passed, I had nothing in me that wanted to go download episode 2 and watch. So I stopped.

Since I recently went to the JYJ concert, I’m updated with all the JYJ news so I went into look at Miss Ripley. First of all, it wasn’t comedy so I was interested and Yoochun said in the press conference that it isn’t one of those comedy dramas but an intense one. I felt like watching something intense these days so that’s when I made up my mind to watch Ripley. Today episode 1 aired and I just watched it. OMG It’s so intense. I like it. From episode one, the story goes right in without dragging. I hate those dramas that drag so much to get to the point, but this drama, there’s the conflict set already and the characters are already pretty well defined. Also, I like the casting. I think they all fit well and they act it out perfectly. Lee DaHae is so pretty. Yoochun plays Yutaka and his character is this very nice guy. There’s all these news articles going around about Yoochun and his “부드러운 카리스마” (smooth charisma) in the drama. Ahh, I can’t wait till episode 2 comes out! Hope the ratings will be high for Yoochun and JYJ :)


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