“Is Telisha after Junsu?”

Somehow, after reading all these articles with Junsu being okay with interracial marriage, I got to this article. –> http://blackwomenlovebi.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/is-telisha-after-junsu/

and when I thought of it yeahh, Telisha and him seemed pretty close. I felt really reeeeally sad. ): I can’t even describe it, it was more than sad and I never had this kind of feeling before. This was yesterday night…. I went on Telisha’s twitter and her twitter is telisu. TELI + SU. I don’t really know if Americans do this too, but in Korea they put couple’s names together such as YongSeo, KhunToria, etc. & this was TeliSu. Also, she has some pictures posted of her and Junsu together. I don’t know if she had any pictures with Jaejoong or Yoochun alone too, but I already saw two pictures with him and Junsu together. I’m already jealous about that, but her twitter thing is also TeliSU and she talks to Junsu a lot on Twitter too. I searched on google why Telisha’s twitter is TELISU, and I found something she tweeted, “T is for Telisha and U is for Unique.” but I couldn’t really believe that. To me it was still just Telisha + Junsu = TELISU and that’s how it became that. So I had to go find the first of her tweets so I kept scrolling down for hours. She has over 4000 tweets so OMG yeah I must be crazy but I had to do it. Going through them, I saw how she wished Jaejoong a happy birthday but when I got down to December 15, she tweeted much more on Junsu’s birthday. 8 tweets for his birthday from the day before, December 14th to the day after his birthday, December 16th. She even made a video for Junsu and uploaded it on a separate youtube account she made for him called telixiah. TELIXIAH. Yeahh that confirms my TELISU thing for twitter. It’s Junsu’s name. She didn’t make a video for Jaejoong but for Junsu only. Is she really that close friends with Junsu or what? Even for her other friends on twitter she just said Happy Birthday and that was it. She didn’t make a video for them. Also, after the JYJ showcase, she tweeted a lot in Korean. Why is she trying so hard to learn Korean? Is it because of Junsu? She tweeted a lot of “jaljayo” and she tweeted about all these dramas she’s watching. She’s trying to learn more about Korean culture and that makes me think of it as she’s doing it because of Junsu. Also, how did she get into Korea so much? Is it because of love? Even her twitter she put her name as 틀리수 and it’s like “LA and Seoul.” Why Seoul too? She only got to know about JYJ recently and how is she that into Seoul already? And alsoo today, she changed her twitter background to this.

Especially that part over there. On 수, she’s sitting on 수. It just keeps making me think she’s in a relationship with Junsu. Also before I went into all of this, I read someone’s post that said Junsu announced that he’s okay with interracial marriage right after the showcases. That just made me moreeeee ughhh idkay. And that he likes girls with nice body. There was more to this but I probably forgot some things since I was going crazy about this. It’s not like I’m going to marry Junsu or anything, but I don’t know why I’m like this. Maybe I do love him too much. I just want to be best friends with him though. LOL since his personality is just like mine. I’m not against Telisha in a relationship with Junsu and of course I would accept it if they really were, but why do I have a ♥ache? That was one of Telisha’s tweets. “♥ache” I have a ♥ache right now. :'(

I found this interview with Junsu’s mom today that I never knew of.

☆ The condition of the bride to be?
-A Christian lady who believes in God.
-A person who can support her husband well in every possible way for his best.
-A person with a good nature.
-If she can play piano well, it will be nice.
-Would be even better if she can play sports well.

Telisha seems to fit all these conditions. Going through her tweets I could tell she was Christian, and she supports Junsu a lot, and she seems like a person with good nature. She’s a dancer too so if that counts as a sport. This makes me think that she is even more since she fits these conditions too.

But those conditions, That’s all me too! LOLLL I’m a Christian lady who believes in God. I’m a person who can support my husband well in every possible way for his best. I’m a person with very good nature. I can play piano. I love sports and I’m an active person. This fits so perfectly with me. & for the reason that I love Junsu this much because of his personality more than anything else. Since he’s just like me. I’ve never really met him but I just know. He’s so innocent like me, so kind hearted, and I like that he doesn’t drink and he doesn’t like it anyway, and that he doesn’t smoke. I like how he’s optimistic and even though he went through such hardships, he’s still strong and he didn’t get all depressed and decide to commit suicide like those many other people who did. He was actually optimistic throughout it. He’s an optimist just like me, and he spreads this happy virus to people. Like his mom said in the interview, “Spreading amiability and optimistic attitude everywhere.” That is me too. & he smiles a lot. I like that. I loveeeee smiley people. Not fake smiles but genuine smiles. I smile and laugh a lot too just like him. And there’s those people who never smile at all. I like people who laugh and smile a lot. That’s just like me. And also, his corny jokes I just loveee. And DUCKBUTT, DOLPHIN WAIL, and EUKYANGKYANG that cassiopeians pointed out. His beautiful unique points. :) I love him so much! Now my love for him is so HUMONGOGOGMONGMONSTERGOUS, it’s unbearable. My heart is completely filled with him only and I wish he knew that. I wish I could be close friends with him.  I love that his whole family is so kind and his twin brother is so supportive. I’m happy that I feel sort of related to him since we’re both KIMs hahah and that my dad is blood type B and Junsu is too. I read somewhere about this about your dad being the same blood type as the person you loveeee. I LOVEEEE MY JUNSU. We must be soulmates if only he knew me. LOLLL again, not saying that I want to marry him. That would be nice too, but I just want to be friends.

Whoa, look how much I could write about him without thinking…

& I’m sorry Telisha; yesterday I just felt so (I can’t describe this feeling in words) and I felt a little jealous, but I’m not the type that gets jealous much. I did so much research on this and it’s not even a research project. If it was, I would have aced it.  Hahahah I’m over this now. Now that I wrote it out I’m completely fine. I heard that a lot of fangirls were firing at Telisha about this, but I’m not like that. I was just in that feeling, that I cannot describe in words; I can’t find a word that exists that describes that feeling. Ohyea, and I gave up on scrolling down. There’s just too many tweets. I got up to like September 2010.


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