I’m so happy my Minah is eating well again

Yesterday she was dying. She was on her side, had no reaction to anything, and was barely breathing. I did some goldfish saving googling and saved Minah. DDANDARARAN! LOL Yeah, so she’s healthy again. :) I don’t think I’ve every blogged about my fish before, but I got them at my school club fair. It’s from the volleyball team, and when you play this game and you win, the prize is GOLDFISHHH~ & I got three. I’m so skilled at that game. Yeeeeap!

The completely white one’s name is 우영, in the middle is 민아, and the white one with the orange head is 슬리. WOOYOUNG, MINAH, SEULLI<3 Wooyoung was flexible so I named him that, and Minah I got from Shin Minah obviously, and Seulli I sort of got from Seulong but I changed it a little.



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