I’m still speechless. It really felt like I was in heaven and every second of it was so precious.

They’re even more handsome in real life. & I’ve never been so close to them. OMG I was in the very front. very very front right in the middle in front of Junsu. 준수 진짜 이뻐이뻐~~ He’s so cute, charistmatic, sexy, hot, handsomee all at once. And the best thing that ever happened to me, we had eye contact for like 2 minutes. OMG directly. Ahhhhhhh he was singing this song, and he was only two feet away from me; I smiled at him and he smiled back. OMG<3 I’ll never forget that moment. I loveeee Junsu! Since 5th grade, when I first found out about DBSK till now, my love grew even more. I LOOOVE HIM SO MUCH. Seriouslyyy, favorite person in the world. I’m sooooooo happy~ I’m thanking God for making my parents agree on letting me go..at first they were against it. I was so sadd. And thank God for helping me find section C tickets; I really wanted to be on Junsu’s side. And thank God for letting me get there in perfect timing and letting me get home safely back. I can’t describe in words; it was really 감동적 and they sing soo well. Reallyy I was about to cryy. Especially Junsu, in live, it killed me. I’m still soooo; and I’m sooooooooooooo happy. I FREAKINGGGGGG LOVE JUNSU~

the other two also. yoochun looked like a little boy :) so cute. and jaejoong also. They all sing so well. I LOVE JYJ & JUNSUUUUU.

and at the end, I found two glowsticks, and I got lots of autographed confetti. <3 I’M SOOSOSOSOSO HAPPY!

I can’t really write right now, my shimjang is dwiggoissuh. and I’m like jjjjumping up and down. OMGGG

I’LL NEVER FORGET THAT MOMENT HE STARED AT ME. He looked at me he saw me and smileeeed! OMMGGGGG<3 I LOVE WHEN HE SMILES. IT JUST MAKES ME SO HAPPPPPY. When he smiles jaeil yeeppppuh!<3 And there’s this aura he gives off which I cannot describe. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. His personality just brightens everything up, and I like how he’s a positive and happy person. All his tweets are so happy also <3 I’m going to be really happy from now on. MAY 22 MARKS MY REEAL BEGINNING. I need to yulshimheehae.

And btw, I loveeeeee how everything just fits. My ticket was Section C Row 13 Seat 9. 9+13 = 22 My birth date and also today’s date. & today for my church offering I paid $5. And idkayyyyy it just makes me feel my ticket’s more special. If I had Row 12 Seat 15, I would have been really happy too. His birthdayy. (: AHHHHH

OKay I needa stop now. I’m gonna go get my camera and watch the videos I took. I can’t . OMG I’m having that withdrawal feeling. I can’t get awayy. I was so sad when the concert ended but I was so happy too. wooorixiahjunsu, SARANGHAEEEE~~~~~

I’ll update photos/videos soon!


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