I loveeee Chaewon unni :D

I love her role as a next-door neighbor type girl in My Fair Lady.  She’s so cute and she has this innocent beauty!<3  And when she comes out, it makes me happy because her expressions are so bright.  I love her like I love Shin Minah.  So my favorite actresses are now Shin Minah, Moon Chaewon, Song Hyegyo, Jun Jihyun.  I really don’t know whyyyyy I like the people I like. There’s just this attraction from my heart, and I just like them. :)

& for actors, I really don’t know. :( It’s harder to decide who’s my favorite than actresses & it changes every time a new drama comes out.  Maybe like Ui Joo (Chaewon) said in the drama, “I loved him for 10 years. I liked the feeling of liking him so it became sort of a habit.”  Maybe that’s how I feel for Junsu. I loved him since 5th grade and I still love him more than anyone else. I love him the way he is and I love his personality. I wish I could go to the JYJ concert, but it’s in New Jersey this time and I don’t have much money either.  I feel bad to ask my dad again after shopping so much during spring break. I really wish I could go meet him though. Last time, although I was close to him, I didn’t really get to see him and it was too crowded. I want to get his autograph and actually meet him in person. ); I WANNA GOOOOO!  ~~~~ Maybe it really is a habit. Even though I my heart was on fireee for Hyunbin and his training bok during the Secret Garden days, Junsu was still on top of everyone else and will always be.


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