Agassireul Butakhae Episode 7

This episode made me cry a lot. Maybe it was because of that parting, but I just cried a lot throughout the episode. I realized today that I sink into the drama more when I feel calm and at peace. I think I should absorb myself into everything I do from now on, so I can achieve a greater product out of doing it.

I really like this drama. The casting, the actors and actresses are fabulous, and I like that little boy. He only comes out a few times but it gives this special touch to the drama. He’s so funny and his voice fits his role so well. I also love the buildings that come out in this drama. The architecture and interior design is so elegant and beautiful. Hyena’s clothing is gorgeous too. It’s really unique and it looks very classy. Also, I like that flower shop and how this drama is an overall cheerful and happy drama. That’s the type of drama I prefer rather than a drama full of suspense and unhappy conflicts, like Full House, Shining Inheritance, and the one I watched before this,  My Name is Kim Sam Soon.


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